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Bait Fishing in the California aqueduct

Chicken Livers produce catfish and lots of them. With their strong, meaty smell, chicken livers draw cats from broad areas. Once the catfish find the bait, they have a very hard time resisting the smell and taste of chicken liver. Chicken Livers are an excellent way to catch catfish.

The easiest way to catch fish is with nightcrawlers. Nightcrawlers work wonders on bass and catfish. Nightcrawlers are a great bait to fish with because they wiggle around on the hook and can survive underwater for long periods of time attracting bass and catfish with the constant movement.

Another great bait to fish with is sardines. Sardines are a streamlined fish usually small in size and have high fish oil content. Sardines are a great way to attract large predatory fish. Sardines work extremely well as the primary bait on a hook or along with an artificial lure, providing additional scent to attract a strike

Another great bait is Anchovies. Anchovies are a strong-smelling, oily baitfish that quickly releases their scent in the water to attract larger prey. This makes the small, salty fish an excellent choice in bait for striped bass and river catfish, which feed off the bottom and need a strong scent to follow

shrimp is another great catfish bait dead or alive,shrimp is native to our waters they are kept in fresh cold water. 

Lure fishing in the california aqueduct

Heddon Zara Spook

During the Spring and early summer mornings, my favorite lure to use is the Heddon Zara Spook Topwater. These Lures come in all different types of colors. 

this is another lure that i personally use this lure is called a storm bait.

Here are some different colored rattle traps, i also use rattle traps in the aqueduct. I like the rattle traps because of the action and you can slow down the retrieve of the lure.

Zoom Super Fluke

Top water lures 

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