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Best Times

  • I have found and recommend the early morning from 5:30 am to 12:00 noon. Afternoon

  • hours, 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm, and evening from 8:00 pm to midnight as the best times to fish

  • The best times for striped Bass is when they school together, to chase the shad

  • (smaller fish) to the surface, than boil through the middle of the “bait ball” in a feeding

  •  frenzy. I have found March to May early morning as the best time to catch these eating

  • machines. Full moon nights are good too, with pencil poppers and jumping minnows.


I recommend that you do adjust your drag so that when you pull out the line near the reel,

that it does come out, but not too much making it (loose) and not too tight. You want the

fish to be able to run with it, if you have your drag too tight the fish will break your line.

Always be prepared to adjust your drag again. Present the bait or lure easy and natural with

the current. If you are casting with a lure, cast you line at a 45 degree angle across and

with the current. I prefer and recommend that you keep your rod tip up, and do try

fast, medium, and slow retrieves.

Handling Stripers

I recommend when handling a striper that you be careful how you hold them, they have very

pointed parts down at the bottom part of the gills, and on their top dorsal fins and the side fins,

that can cut you. Don’t go and hold a striper by its mouth with a big hook in its mouth, get

a net and bring it up on the concrete and then take it out of its mouth. 


During summer time the California Aqueduct becomes home to one of the dangerous snakes in California,  the western diamond back rattle snake and the Mojave green rattle snake. Always remember  to look down when you go to the Aqueduct during summer time.  You would not want to walk up to one of these snakes and get bit by one of these snakes as they are highly venomous 

Tips of Caution

A few words of caution, the sides of the aqueduct, and sometimes even the ground leading

down to it, are steep slopes If you get a big enough striper, you may not be able to just

haul it up without breaking your line. It IS NOT SAFE, to try to go down to the water

because the cement can be very slippery, especially when the water is low exposing the

cement that’s normally under water

California Fly Fisher Article

This is the California Fly Fisher Article that I was in back in 2015. The article was talking about the California aqueduct and how the water in the aqueduct get extremly cold for the fish.

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